Soon new collection against child and woman abuse!

Soon new collection against child and woman abuse! | De Puta Madre 69 Official Online Store

The first time I saw myself darting in front of a motorized teenager with the writing "De Puta Madre" on the helmet I thought: !!!
I imagined it was a do-it-yourself helmet, and I also imagined that the mother in question had no idyllic relationship with her son. I had to change my mind when I happened to see the same writing also on T-shirts and jeans: De Puta Madre 69 is a clothing brand and in the Spanish slang it means "I'm fabulous" (so mothers can rest assured).De Puta Madre 69 is born in South Italy. I will give you a second of one of his shirts and soon I will find myself full of requests.

The Brothers has organized several demonstrations against drug abuse and pedophilia, to tell young people: do not commit crimes, do not take drugs, be provocateurs in clothing but never go further, because you risk losing years of life.
Omitting any judgment on the story of the ex-trafficker who becomes an entrepreneur, I recommend you take a tour on the De Puta Madre 69 website, to be informed and not to be scandalized if you have not yet had a ticket with this brand.

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