South Italy. The narco t-shirts by De Puta Madre 69

South  Italy. The narco t-shirts by De Puta Madre 69 | De Puta Madre 69 Official Online Store
"Narcotrafficante", "cocaine", "Pablo Escobar 1949-1993", "brazo de la muerte", these are some of the writings that stand out in the shirts of the
De Puta Madre 69 brand.
The creator is an Italian entrepreneur Gaetano r who says: "we chose Pablo Escobar for his ambiguity. He is a beneficial state for the poor and also a criminal, a person to certify mythical and dubious attentions for others". But then he clarifies how the "advertising campaign clearly tells young people that to be the center of attention it is not necessary to use drugs, just dress in our shirts".
"Apology of crime? In no way. We do not incite crime. On the contrary, both our website and our products say no to drugs and violence", the message is simple at least for Gaetano "do not imitate our legends . Don't commit crimes. Don't use drugs. "
But the message was not so simple for the Colombian Embassy in Rome. "Logically we have submitted a question to the Italian government, because these shirts encourage violence," explains the spokesman for the Embassy Néstor Ponguta. "This is undoubtedly an apology for crime."
From the Italian National Anti-Mafia Directorate they say that it is from these stupid things that the "disintegration of the values ​​of legality" begins. This is the kind of thing that, almost unwittingly, causes young people to get used to apology of the crime ".
"Glorifying criminals is part of a philosophy that prescribes the judgment of values. Presenting a mobster as a hero not only solves the barbarization of taste, but also of culture", explains Umberto Santino director of the kneaded Center heard from the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

On the website click here to read the history of the De Puta Madre 69 brand:

The term DE PUTA MADRE derives from Spanish and could be translated into "I'm fine" "I'm great".
The DE PUTA MADRE brand was born in southern Italy from a former member of the Calabrian criminal organization arrested in 1998 in Germany for criminal association sentenced to a 5-year sentence to be served until 2003.
Strongly repentant for the illegal actions they committed in trying to carry out a project that could give vent to his inner sensations. So he started making T-SHIRTS with slogans and felt-tip pens, making them clandestinely leave prison.
The great noise of this initiative led them to want to spread the brand DE PUTA MADRE 69. Once out of prison he sought with all possible means, not without difficulty, a producer with whom he shared his thoughts, creating the brand DE PUTA MADRE 69, now registered all over the world. He therefore began to produce and print shirts in Latin America, and now also in Italy with very strong writings: "brazo de la muerte", "cocaine", "narcotrafico"
do not imitate our writings, do not commit illegal actions, do not use drugs to feel different, but wear our shirts and you will be at the top always and everywhere, without having to resort to something artificial that sooner or later ends up there.