De Puta Madre 69®

We Rock The Streetwear Industry

You saw us rock the fashion industry in the past, now we are back again so make room. De Puta Madre 69 is here with its provocative and punk styled streetwear that is your statement to rebel from the norms of the society. Our streetwear label DE PUTA MADRE 69  has been known for producing extraordinary and provocative clothing since 2003, the likes of which has not been found anywhere else before. The label DPM69 was founded in 2003 with everything starting from a garage in southern Italy.

True to the old and provocative designs, the new collection of
De Puta Madre 69 is a hybrid of the past and the future with all new images, pics, and slangs printed in bold. There never was, nor will there ever be a compromise on the quality of the stuff of our clothing. Rest assured,
De Puta Madre 69 always ensure quality as a top priority over any other aspect.

De Puta Madre 69 is a brand that sees itself as an underground and a provocation brand from existing social values and norms. After internal disagreements over the further alignment of the brand, De Puta Madre 69 was restructured and the label De Puta Madre 69  was founded. Away from a premium image and back on the street style, De Puta Madre   is again what it was and should always be: a label for the marginalized society, for tattoo lovers, freaks, punks, superstars and those who want to be true to their self. Showcase your inner self and let the world know, De Puta Madre 69 is back.