Italian-based streetwear fashion brand De Puta Madre 69 is pleased to announce the launch of its newest spring-summer streetwear collection. The streetwear line is a social reflection of the times. Instead of taking a partisan stance, that line is a response to regular life on the country's streets, parks, and shores. A vigorously new take on being unapologetic, unattached, and unbiased—the zeitgeist brand is primed to take off immediately. 

Streetwear fashion has subverted the way fashion trends have taken off. The fashion industry has normally operated a top-down model, along with insiders functioning as gatekeepers to the latest styles and trends. De Puta Madre 69’s products are politically incorrect and very provocative. The newest streetwear collection includes high quality, all-season t-shirts, denim jeans, all available for men and women, young and adult.

This summer 2022 season, the brand will roll out additional design items monthly, limited edition styles, and a children’s line. However, the brand’s vision will not stop there. De Puta Madre 69 is currently expanding their enterprise into other innovative products, concepts, and brands.

To finish off the list of new releases from the company, the brand brings fans a unique collection. The new line features styles that involve classic aesthetics and nostalgic designs, available in various lengths.

According to the Owners Gaetano Russo De Puta Madre 69, “With our deep roots in the streetwear and urban culture, we provide a broad spectrum of urban clothing from track pants, shoes, t-shirts, and many more. De Puta Madre 69 values exclusivity, and we bring a series of limited items for every collection.”

One of the most remarkable attributes of De Puta Madre 69 is the restless pursuit of quality. Every piece of clothing is handmade by workers with the most accurate sewing and work. The clothing is then put together and packaged with utmost care.

All items go through a series of inspections for quality before it’s sent out. De Puta Madre 69 also strives to maintain this attribute and has done all they can to offer their customers the best style and quality they can produce

De Puta Madre 69 also offers for retail and B2B in the countries such as Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, and Finland with their partner interest-free split payment with three rates. This can be done with help from Scalapay.