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RUSSIA  free shipping for orders UP TO 150 EURO *

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry

0kg–99kg €12.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry1kg–1.49kg€20.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry1.5kg–1.99kg€25.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry2kg–2.49kg€30.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry2.5kg–2.99kg€35.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry3kg–3.99kg€40.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry4kg–4.99kg€45.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry5kg–5.99kg€50.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry6kg–6.99kg€55.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry7kg–7.99kg€65.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry8kg–8.99kg€70.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry9kg–9.99kg€80.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry10kg–10.99kg€85.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry11kg–11.99kg€98.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry12kg–12.99kg€105.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry13kg–13.99kg€111.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry14kg–14.99kg€121.00

Тарифы на посылку Boxberry15kg–15.99kg€129.90


Switzerland *

Standart 0kg–1.5kg €35.00

Standart 1.6kg–3kg €49.00

Standart 3.1kg and up €69.00


Rest of World *

Standart 11kg–5kg €59.90

5.1kgand up €79.00

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*PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT : !!! Important the shipping fees will be calculate live on checkout , the shipping fee is depending different factors . Is not depending from us . The shipping Fees are directly calculate by Provider . The Price is Volume based .

The duration of delivery depends on the method of payment. Orders via PayPal and Direct Money Transfer are ready for shipping within 24 hours. The prepaid orders will be dispatched as soon as we received the payment on our bank account. The bank processing can take up to one week. At times of great demand and parallel orders it can happen that an article is not available anymore, even though it was still marked as available when you ordered. In that case you will be immediately notified and our customer service will help you finding a suitable alternative.


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DHL will try to reach you twice: If the mailman does not meet you personally, he will leave the package with your neighbors. If the mailman does not meet anybody on second attempt, the package will be stored at your local post office, and you will have seven work days time before it will be send back to us.